ScanNCut Canvas 3D Flowers

I had seen these types of 3D flowers some time ago when Stampin Up brought out their Botanical Builder dies, My recent “border” video was inspired by the same family of dies.

There have been discussions in my Facebook group about how to recreate similar designs using the ScanNCut so here is my video showing how I made mine using some of the inbuilt flower designs from the SNC machine.


I show you how to create the same type of design using the inbuilt SNC designs and how to take a shape from the internet and make it into a cuttable file.

The video is Here

ScanNCut Canvas Triple Easel Card

Following on from last weeks Zig Zag card, this weeks video will show you how easy it is to make this triple easel card using ScanNCut Canvas.


I thought the card I used was fairly sturdy but in retrospect I think I should have not put the dashed centre fold line on the largest heart, as it seemed to weaken the design and it couldn’t support itself properly.

The video on how to make the card and assemble it is Here

I hope you like it and are enjoying seeing the alternative shaped cards.

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Sewing Project – Box Corner Makeup Bag/Pencil Case

Ive not done a sewing project for a while and to be honest I thought I had posted a tutorial on how to make these box corner type bags, it was only when someone contacted me before Christmas asking where my tutorial was for some I had on my blog that I realised I had not done one.

So I hope you like it, this is what I made.


The video is Here

ScanNCut Canvas General Information

Ive been asked several times over recent months why my ScanNCut Canvas screen in some of my videos looks different from yours.

I’ve established its to do with Brother updating Canvas back in October and removing certain icons, but viewers of my videos are not taking note of the dates on the videos they are watching.

In this video I am just trying to point out things to look for, when watching my videos and when working in ScanNCut Canvas and hopefully this will help if you have been wondering the same thing.

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The video is Here

New Border Technique Video

A couple of weeks ago I posted a card I had made, that had been inspired by a Stampin Up “Edge Border” framelit die. I liked the idea and thought I would try and recreate it using a built in border design in ScanNCut Canvas.

This was how it turned out, I did blog about it at the time.










I had questions about how I made it so I’ve made a video showing the process. I would add this technique works better if you design has both negative and positive sections to the pattern.

My video is Here

ScanNCut In the hoop appliqué

A few months ago I posted a video showing how I used my ScanNCut to scan the basting line of an in the hoop appliqué design.

I thought I would try it out again today, this process works well with the ScanNCut and can save time on cutting and gives a very neat finish to a project. I used a different design this time.


The original post was dated 29th March and the video is here showing how I did it.

In he hoop appliqué

Simple Pop Out Cards

So last night I found a link to the Scrapbook Soup website scrapbook Soup and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer was showing some pop out cards she cut using the ScanNCut. She had printed out her designs and scanned them through the machine to make a cutting file. I thought I would show you in next weeks video how to make simple pop outs using Canvas so no need to print and scan.

Here is a little peek at some Ive made. So what do you think is anyone interested in this type of card? I will post the video tutorial on Sunday 20th April.


In the video which I’ve now recorded but haven’t processed yet I show you how to make the pop out in landscape but this afternoon I’ve had a little time and created one using the butterfly that is a pre installed project shape on Canvas and made it into a portrait orientation.

So for my blog subscribers you should get notification hopefully of this post update and I am including a link to the download file for anyone who wants it.

Here’s how it looked in canvas and how it looked once I had cut it.



Here’s the link to the cutting file.

Dropbox Pop Out Butterfly Insert

Here is the video


John from Gentleman Crafter has today posted some free lattice cutting files on his blog Here.

I’ve been thinking about doing some lattice designs for a while but frankly as we do not have an align and distribute function in canvas I gave up on my attempts.

He has also kindly included a basic lattice template so I thought I would show you what you can do with it in Canvas.

Here is an example of what I will show you in my video.

So if you want to follow along please go and download the cutting file from John’s blog (link above).


I forgot to say in the video you can also weld a heart frame into the middle of the design top right to create a centre frame too.

Using one of the spare duplicated hearts make an outset frame, select both and choose divide.

Drag this new heart frame into the middle of the top right lattice design, centre both, select both and choose weld.

This is what it should look like.


I also used the same functions I showed you in the video to turn text into lattice text. Just have a play, as I said in the video so long as you have kept a copy of the gentleman crafters free template you cannot really do anything wrong and if you do overwrite it by mistake just go and download it again.


Brother Scan n Cut – Ordered

Well Ive finally decided to order my Brother scan n cut machine, so I just have to wait now for it to arrive.

Ive made another video today which is on my youtube channel but should be here too. I hope it helps.

I plan to do some more but if there is anything in particular that you want to know how to do then please leave me a comment.