ScanNCut Sticker Kit Part 3

So this is the third part of my video series on using the ScanNCut Sticker Kit, there are many ways to use the sticker kit both laminated and unlamented and I am sure you will be able to find lots of ideas on the internet.

In this video I thought I would concentrate on how to make planner stickers using the kit, as they seem very popular at the moment and some of you may find it helpful.










The video is Here

SNC Canvas Diamond Fold Card

Heres another shaped card tutorial using SNC Canvas. This diamond fold card shape was popular some time ago, but I thought I would show you how to make it in Canvas.

Once made you can resize it as you like, this one will fit into a 5×5 envelope.

I hope you like it.


The video is Here


New Border Technique Video

A couple of weeks ago I posted a card I had made, that had been inspired by a Stampin Up “Edge Border” framelit die. I liked the idea and thought I would try and recreate it using a built in border design in ScanNCut Canvas.

This was how it turned out, I did blog about it at the time.










I had questions about how I made it so I’ve made a video showing the process. I would add this technique works better if you design has both negative and positive sections to the pattern.

My video is Here

Choosing Fonts to use with the ScanNCut Pen Tool

The question of how fonts look when using the ScanNCut pen tool has come up a few times recently on Facebook, questions like “how do you get the pen to fill in the text” “Why is the pen only drawing the outline of text”.

So I thought I would try and explain what fonts to look for when using the pen tool.

In my video I concentrate on “handwriting fonts”. I usually get my fonts from I have used this site for many years without any problems, you can also use “single stroke” fonts, you usually have to buy these so Ive not made any recommendations for these and will leave you to search the net and decide if you want to use them.

My video is Here

I hope it helps you understand what to look for to get the best result when using your pen tool for writing greetings etc.



Cutting Vinyl on the ScanNCut

I spent ages this morning recording a video showing how to cut vinyl on the ScanNCut but something went wrong and I lost the video.

So I had to start again, this video is only short but shows the basics of cutting vinyl on your ScanNCut machine, It shows what settings I use and how to remove the vinyl from the mat once cut and how to transfer the design onto another surface.

I hope it helps.

Video showing how to cut fabric & felt on the ScanNCut

Ive done blog posts before about how I cut fabric and felt with my ScanNCut, but on our Facebook group I am still reading comments that some people cannot cut these, so I thought I would do a video showing How I do mine which hopefully may help.

I hope its clear enough for you to see but I was filming it on my own, whilst trying to show the fabric and felt in the machine at the same time as trying to show how I chose the flower design and add a seem allowance layer! Also this video despite only being about 17 minutes long has taken the best part of 5 hours to upload, so I don’t really have the time to do it all again.

Just to clarify

I cut the fabric on Blade 4, Pressure 4, Speed 5
I cut the felt on Blade 7, Pressure 9, Speed 5
I used the regular mat and regular blade

I used HeatNBond Ultra and Vilene Bondaweb in my test to show how they both cut.

I made use of the flowers by making a door stop for my laundry door.



Ive been reading comments on the internet and receiving messages from subscribers of both my blog and Youtube channel saying people are having problems cutting things with their ScanNCut.

Someone told me I can cut the built in shapes no problem but have not had a decent cut from anything Ive produced myself.

Ive also asked people how they are creating their cut files and had all manor of reply’s from making my words in a word processing package and printing and scanning, or making my word in some software, converting it in another software and then converting it again online to an SVG.

What we have to remember is we are working with a moving and rotating blade that works on a moving platform, we have to create cut files that are of a decent standard to be able to get the best results from our machine especially if we are new to electronic cutting.

We have 5 built in font on our SCN machine and if we use the online Canvas software we have 5 more. But we have the ability in Canvas to import SVG files but in my opion we need to be using a single programme to get a decent cut file that we can then convert online in Canvas to a SNC file.

I believe at the moment if we use Canvas and Inkscape we have the tools to create a cut file that will give us the best opportunity to produce a decent cut file.

Ive created this video to show you how you can use fonts of all kinds to create good cutting and drawing fonts in Inkscape that can easily be converted to use with your SNC.


These pictures show just a couple of the examples from the video which I cut and drew with the SNC machine.


Then I took it a step further and used the dingbat font I show for the cat, enlarged it to about 10 inches and cut it out of Clarke & Clarke fabric and used it as an appliqué for a cushion.


I have put all the links to Inkscape for both Windows and Mac in the comments section of the video together with links to the font site where you should be able to get all the fonts for free.

Just to even it up for the animal lovers I’ve done a dog now too.

I hope this helps


Bird Cushion

So I was looking around the net recently and I came across this cute bird cushion project on a Brother website Here

So today I decided to try it out, the link above gives you the pattern for both the branch and the bird. I printed the pattern off twice I scanned one bird pattern into the ScanNcut and used scan to cut data, but I would suggest you cut away the pattern section names before you start as my scan picked those up so I scanned again without them.

Also the wing piece is on top of the body section so I cut just that piece from my second pattern and added to my scan mat so that I could scan all the parts in go and save them all together.


I used HeatNBond as usual on the back of my fabrics and as you can see it cut perfectly as always.



Finally I cut out the branch pattern by hand and traced around it onto my fabric and stitched with a decorative stitch.


Here is the finished cushion.


I am on a roll now with these, I love them.


300+ Youtube Subscribers & Free Popup Box Card

So I now have over 300 youtube subscribers which I think is amazing so thank you to all of you who watch, subscribe and share my ScanNCut video tutorials.

Ive designed this popup box card in ScanNCut Canvas and as a Thank you I am giving away the cutting file.

If you want to share the cutting file, Please share the link to this post so others can download it their selves. DO NOT share the cutting file as your own or without any acknowledgment of my work.

popup2 popup1

You probably know how these box cards go together but if not Ive made a short video to show you how here


If you want to have a play around with the online Canvas software yourself there is a link to it in the sidebar, its free to register and use for all ScanNCut owners.

The cutting file contains all the elements to make the card and you have 2 matting layers one of each size for the top and bottom sections of your box, you just need to cut out however many of those you require.

The flowers are not included in the cutting file as they are a pre installed shape from within your ScanNCut machine but you could use any shape of your choice it doesn’t have to be flowers.

The cutting files is here just download and save it to a USB stick and it will be available for you to use on your ScanNCut machine.



Just a reminder that this weeks video for Sunday 20th April will be for the simple pop out inserts. You can refer to my blog post dated 12th April below if you want to see what I show you how to make in the tutorial.

I am trying to record my videos a week in advance now wherever possible, so I have an idea for the next one scheduled to be posted on Sunday 27th April I am thinking word books like these, what do you think?



Let me know if it is something that you would be interested in and I will record it this week for posting Sunday 27th April.

Also do you have anything specific you would like to know or learn if so let me know and I will see if I know how to do it and make a video for you.