ScanNCut Canvas 3D Flowers

I had seen these types of 3D flowers some time ago when Stampin Up brought out their Botanical Builder dies, My recent “border” video was inspired by the same family of dies.

There have been discussions in my Facebook group about how to recreate similar designs using the ScanNCut so here is my video showing how I made mine using some of the inbuilt flower designs from the SNC machine.


I show you how to create the same type of design using the inbuilt SNC designs and how to take a shape from the internet and make it into a cuttable file.

The video is Here

ScanNCut Canvas Triple Easel Card

Following on from last weeks Zig Zag card, this weeks video will show you how easy it is to make this triple easel card using ScanNCut Canvas.


I thought the card I used was fairly sturdy but in retrospect I think I should have not put the dashed centre fold line on the largest heart, as it seemed to weaken the design and it couldn’t support itself properly.

The video on how to make the card and assemble it is Here

I hope you like it and are enjoying seeing the alternative shaped cards.

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New Border Technique Video

A couple of weeks ago I posted a card I had made, that had been inspired by a Stampin Up “Edge Border” framelit die. I liked the idea and thought I would try and recreate it using a built in border design in ScanNCut Canvas.

This was how it turned out, I did blog about it at the time.










I had questions about how I made it so I’ve made a video showing the process. I would add this technique works better if you design has both negative and positive sections to the pattern.

My video is Here

Brother scan n cut/Inkscape Tutorial

I have been seriously thinking about buying the Brother scan n cut machine, because as a Mac user my electronic cutting machine is not Mac compatible and therefore is not being used as much as it used to be.

I read that you can import your own SVG designs into the Brother online canvas software and then convert them into the format for the Brother to cut out.

So I thought I would test this out, I have been designing cards and shapes in Inkscape and saving them and trying to import them into the canvas software, some did import some didn’t. I realised the ones I was having the problems with were anything I created using fonts, so alphabet and number shaped designs. I could not get anything to import at all I spent days trying. I contacted Brother and they asked me to send them some of the design, they seem to think there is a bug and hopefully it will be rectified in their March 2024 update.

So not to be put off I carried on trying different variations of designing and saving and have found a solution that works consistently now for me.

I don’t know if anyone else has these problems or if it is something to do with the fact that I am using inkscape and Canvas on an Mac.

I have made a video of how I make it work for me and if you would like to try it out and see if it works for you, I would be happy to receive any feedback.

The video is on youtube here

This is what the finished shaped card should look like.


In the video I show you how to make a card in the shape of an ampersand but the same principles apply if you wanted to make a letter or number shaped card.

I’ve not been able to cut it as I don’t own the machine yet but it looks ok so am hopeful that it would work, if anyone owns the scan n cut and would like to try it for me please contact me.

Its my first video so hopefully you will be able to view and understand it.

Brother Scan N Cut

Anyone out there got one

Ive been an electronic cutter advocate for a very long time and i was responsible for getting a lot of people to buy the original blue craftrobo after having seen all the things i did with mine many years ago on the do crafts forum.

I also designed projects for graphtec at one time too, i then out grew the Craftrobo and moved onto the Pazzles Inspiration machine which has been great but since june 2012 Ive been a Mac user and Pazzles do not have native mac software, so the only way i can now use my Pazzles is if i design and cut with it attached to a Windows laptop (which i hate) so I’ve not done any scrapbooking or card making for well over 18 months.

Pazzles were supposed to be bringing out software by the end of last year according to an email I received from them but its still not available and I’ve asked recently and they say no date yet.

My craft/sewing room is separate from my office which is where my Mac is and where i would design if i had the software, but to cut i would either have to put my designs onto a usb, take that to the laptop attache that to the Pazzles and cut or bring the Pazzles into my office attach it to the Mac and cut. so frankly a real pain.

The more i see of the Scan N Cut the more i like the portability of it, you can design directly on the SNC machine or if the screen is too small you can use the “canvas” software thats available free online.

Ive registered and have been using it for a few days its very basic and I’ve already found a couple of things that I cannot do with it which are very simple features that I think Brother would be able to add in easily.

i like that you can design on screen,  in my case my Mac,  as its all done on line you can then download your design and save it to your desktop/laptop and then you can copy that design onto a usb stick take that to the SNC wherever that is and cut it out.

I also like that as a sewer now with an embroidery machine you can stitch out a design, scan that and have the SNC cut out mm perfect appliqué  for you to then add the cut out to your embroidery and have your embroidery machine satin stitch it into place so again no manual cutting required.

It seems to only be available through Creat and Craft here in the UK at the moment and the price they are selling it at for the comparative US model seems high.

Its £449 or £399 if you are a member of their club.  In the US its $399 which equates to £242.

I will wait a while I think to see if I can get a deal when its released to the open market.

Just my thoughts but hope they are helpful. If you have this machine please let me know what you think about it.