How To Use A ScanNCut And Make Your First Cuts

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So if you follow my blog you will know that recently I had the pleasure of working with the team from Makers at the NEC Birmingham, where they were launching the sale of the new ScanNCut SDX2200 disney cutting machine which is exclusive to them.

Over the two days that I was there I got to meet some lovely crafters, who were either buying the new machine or who already owned a previous model.

A reoccurring theme from talking to so many of them was that they had a CM model machine but they were scared to use it. Some told me it hadn’t even come out of the box, some told me it was out of the box but had not been used for years.

These machine are expensive and deserve more that being left in a box or on a shelf untouched!

So with that in mind I tried to encourage as many of them as possible to go home and have a go, but I thought I would make a video to show people what the machine icons and features are and walk people through making their first cuts and a simple project.

This is what I am showing how to make and its all done directly on the ScanNCut machine and made from inbuilt simple shapes.

If you follow the video step by step you can make this yourselves, honest.

How to use a scanncut and make your first cuts

I am going to make a few more videos, please make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss them.

The next one will hopefully be about using the test cut facility and setting your blade depth and cutting pressure.

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My Day At The NEC With Makers

As you will know if you live in the UK the only place to buy your ScanNCut machine and accessories has been from Create and Craft, well this is about to change.

The new ScanNCut SDX2200 Disney machine has been launched today at The Creative Craft Show NEC Birmingham, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Makers team showing off this fabulous new machine with its auto blade technology and pre installed Disney designs.

This machine is a pleasure to use and is whisper quiet, they are offering free workshops all weekend which are getting booked up fast, so if you are going and want to use the machine and see for yourself what its all about then get yourself down to the NEC you can find Makers on stand F08.

They are taking pre orders and expect the machine to be with you in early December, this machine wont be available anywhere else.

Also available at the show are mats, blades, etc and the Disney activation cards for all the CM & SDX series machines. Have a look at their website to see what they are offering, they will be adding more products over the coming months working towards their full launch in the new year.

I was asked to do an un boxing and first project out of the box for them which I filmed recently which should be available to view soon.

Makers want you to have the best possible experience from your product and encourage you to use it, this will hopefully be done through demonstrations and workshops, these are exciting times for all of us.

I will be back at the NEC on Saturday with Makers, so please come along and say hi.

ScanNCut Sticker Kit Part 3

So this is the third part of my video series on using the ScanNCut Sticker Kit, there are many ways to use the sticker kit both laminated and unlamented and I am sure you will be able to find lots of ideas on the internet.

In this video I thought I would concentrate on how to make planner stickers using the kit, as they seem very popular at the moment and some of you may find it helpful.










The video is Here

ScanNCut Sticker Kit Part 2

In this video (part 2) I show you how I printed some sticker sheets and how to cut them with the laminated protective sheets and without.

If you would like to win the small sticker sheet from this video with the “weekend” banners, just make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel and leave a comment on this blog post.

I will draw one name in about 10-14 days. UK only sorry.










Part 2 video is Here

In part three I will show you how to design and print your own planner stickers directly from ScanNCut Canvas.

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SNC Canvas Diamond Fold Card

Heres another shaped card tutorial using SNC Canvas. This diamond fold card shape was popular some time ago, but I thought I would show you how to make it in Canvas.

Once made you can resize it as you like, this one will fit into a 5×5 envelope.

I hope you like it.


The video is Here


ScanNCut Canvas 3D Flowers

I had seen these types of 3D flowers some time ago when Stampin Up brought out their Botanical Builder dies, My recent “border” video was inspired by the same family of dies.

There have been discussions in my Facebook group about how to recreate similar designs using the ScanNCut so here is my video showing how I made mine using some of the inbuilt flower designs from the SNC machine.


I show you how to create the same type of design using the inbuilt SNC designs and how to take a shape from the internet and make it into a cuttable file.

The video is Here

ScanNCut Canvas Triple Easel Card

Following on from last weeks Zig Zag card, this weeks video will show you how easy it is to make this triple easel card using ScanNCut Canvas.


I thought the card I used was fairly sturdy but in retrospect I think I should have not put the dashed centre fold line on the largest heart, as it seemed to weaken the design and it couldn’t support itself properly.

The video on how to make the card and assemble it is Here

I hope you like it and are enjoying seeing the alternative shaped cards.

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ScanNCut Canvas General Information

Ive been asked several times over recent months why my ScanNCut Canvas screen in some of my videos looks different from yours.

I’ve established its to do with Brother updating Canvas back in October and removing certain icons, but viewers of my videos are not taking note of the dates on the videos they are watching.

In this video I am just trying to point out things to look for, when watching my videos and when working in ScanNCut Canvas and hopefully this will help if you have been wondering the same thing.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel that way you will be kept up to date will all changes relating to both the ScanNCut machine and ScanNCut Canvas.

The video is Here

New Border Technique Video

A couple of weeks ago I posted a card I had made, that had been inspired by a Stampin Up “Edge Border” framelit die. I liked the idea and thought I would try and recreate it using a built in border design in ScanNCut Canvas.

This was how it turned out, I did blog about it at the time.










I had questions about how I made it so I’ve made a video showing the process. I would add this technique works better if you design has both negative and positive sections to the pattern.

My video is Here

ScanNCut Cutting Individual Shapes from a sheet of Decoupage/Pattern Paper

I was asked several weeks ago if you can cut a specific shape from a sheet of decoupage and if so how?

In this video I try and show the process I would use to cut a custom shape from a patterned piece of paper.

I didn’t have any decoupage sheets so Ive had to improvise and show how it can be done, using a heavily patterned sheet of vellum.

As you will see from the video the bounding box you drag around your design can have an affect on what the ScanNCut sees to cut.

This is what I cut out, they are in reality a lot paler in colour than they look here and the SNC did a great job recognising the shapes and fussy cutting them.


The video is Here

I hope it helps.