ScanNCut Help & Information

ScanNCut Canvas is an online software aid that lets you create you own cutting files and import SVG cutting files which can then be converted to the ScanNCut FCM format. In addition you can use its trace image feature to make cutting files from jpg, gif, png and bmp files.

SNC Canvas updates itself automatically, you should see any changes once you log in after there has been an update. You can find it



Machine Updates To check for updates for your ScanNCut machine look



USB Compatibility list



Operation Manual


Cutting Guide Gentleman Crafter has put together a cutting guide to go along side the quick start guide that comes with the scan n cut.
It has media that has been tested by himself and Mel Heaton and is very helpful. You can find it



How to check your machines software version and How to Install an Update



Projects Archive

Some great project ideas here for wall decor, scrapbook pages, card making and so much more.



ScanNCut Machine Cutting Calibration V1.60


And PDF written instructions V1.60



Brother ScanNCut Frequently Asked Questions




51 thoughts on “ScanNCut Help & Information

  1. Rubber stamp material you use for rhinestone cut in your scan n cut machine. What is it? Where can I get some?

    • It’s some old product I had left over from previous cutting machine called a Pazzles Inspiration, I just used it at the time to make a rhinestone template, but Brother have a rhinestone kit now, which I have also done a video on.

  2. I love your videos, you explaine things very well.😄😃😃😃😃

  3. Jenny Harvey said:

    I have bought a scan and cut and i have seen that you are sharing your cutting files, thankyou also for a wonderful tutorial on youtube. To obtain more designs, where am i able to down load free not copyright svg cut outs please. I am having so much trouble at the moment trying to make an SVG file. I just dont seem to understand the Brother scan and cut yet. I am trying so hard it must be me. 😦 I so want to use this machine but……

    • Have a look at my youtube channel applelover53, link is on my blog home page also.

      I have all my video split into playlist. Inkscape, Canvas, Machine, Beginners etc, if you want to learn how to create SVG files watch the Inkscape videos.

      Inkscape is free vector graphics software that is available for both Windows and Mac and will enable you to create SVG cutting files, you will then need to import them into Brother ScanNCut Canvas which is a free online aid in which you can either create SNC files or convert SVG files into SNC files.

      All the links to everything Ive mentioned is on my blog.

      • Jenny Harvey said:

        Thank you so much for leading me in a positive and helpful direction. I have subscribed your youtube in my favorites folder and emails immediately when i purchased the ScanNcut recommended by the seller. So I will start from the start again. You have been so kind. I purchased it for design quilting and cutting quilt patterns. I have had fun cutting out on card stock from the inbuilt pattern though.
        Kindest regards and thanks again. Jenny

      • Deborah Norris said:

        First I want to thank you for all your help . This just started I can’t transform SVG flies to FNC files I don’t know what happen now the files will that are on the usb will not download to my ScanN Cut now Please help

      • Once you have made your SVG file you need to convert it with scanncut canvas to FCM, all you do then is download it onto a USB stick and put it in your machine and it should be available for you to cut, once you choose the USB option and fined the file

      • I don’t know sorry, if the SVG files open in Canvas, then when you download them onto your USB stick, you should be able to choose them and cut them.

  4. Janet Bates said:

    Hi, I have just got the ScanNcut and am loving it. I have been watching your videos which I have found very helpful. I have been trying to copy your number cards which I love but i’m having a problem, I’m losing part of the number when I go to weld even though I have grouped first. Where am I going wrong please I am finding it very frustrating.

    • I don’t know, did you make sure you had both parts selected and overlapped before you grouped them.

      • Janet Bates said:

        Hi, yes both over lapped and selected, grouped then welded. I have noticed that sometimes when I go to group it hasn’t worked so I have to go back reselect and try again.

      • Ok well I don’t know why then, have you tried doing the weld without them grouped to see if that works for you, I know it didn’t that’s why I had to come up with that fix in the video, but we have had updates since I did that.

        Alternatively if you select one of your numbers is it all defiantly one shape ie the middle bits are not separate, if so select one number all parts and hit subtract that punches out the middles then do it to the other one, then select both, group and weld and see if that works.

        Or instead of doing subtract do weld on each number with all parts selected, then group both and weld again.

        I don’t understand why it won’t work for you, which font and what numbers are you using.

  5. Janet Bates said:

    Thank you so much that has worked, subtracting both separately, selected both, grouped and welded. I had used the Antique Oakland font. Thanks again.

  6. Love your videos. Thanks so much for what you do for us. My question is, when using the fabric support sheet, does it cut the support sheet as well as the fabric? Mine did so, I wondered how the sheet could be used again?

    • Hi I have never used my fabric support sheet, I suspect it should get scored like the mats do and maybe even cut if the blade or pressure are to high. It’s one of those situations where a test cut is vital I think. However I would also think that you should get more than one cut from it, it is a consumable so not expected to last but I don’t know how long or how many cuts it is meant to last for.

  7. Brenda Brandt said:

    When using canvas, how do I save to the cloud?
    Thanks, Brenda

    • When you are in canvas, give your project a name in the box on the top left and then click the icon 2 or 3 along that says something like write to command, that basically means save. Then you project will be saved in your project library on line in the cloud. If you want to download it as well just hit the big download button and save it to a USB stick.

  8. Angela Graham said:

    Hi I wonder if you could help me with a query i have. I have a scan n cut machine and have imported an SVG file into canvas. The programme has converted the file but when i try to download it to my memory stick it comes up with a message that says i am unable to do so as there are more than 300 cuts. Have you come accross this before and if so how did you overcome it.

    • Yes go to my YouTube channel, select the inkscape playlist and watch the troublesome svg video, there is another one too but cannot remember it’s name at the moment, hopefully they should help

  9. I have watched a lot of your snc videos and they have helped me a great deal, my problem now is, I would like to cut templates for english paper piecing but i do not have the skills yet to get each shape to the correct size, can you suggest one of your videos that would help me please. Carry on the great work, i really enjoy looking at all of your creations and tutorials, thank you Jan Pearson

    • Hi the videos are in playlists, so I would say look for the ScanNCut canvas ones I am sure I must cover sizing in several of them.

  10. Kerry Dobson said:

    Hello, I have a question that I’m sure you’re well equipped to answer however may I first say that I’m new to crafting and have found your tutorials most helpful. You have a very calm and relaxed approach and I really enjoy watching and learning from you. May I ask if I’m doing something wrong in SNC Canvas – there are literally hundreds of built in patterns in the machine, however I cannot seem to access them from SNC Canvas on my laptop – do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong or am I just expecting too much as I thought the build in shapes would be exactly the same as the ones in Canvas. Thank you so much for your valuable contribution to the crafting world, you have helped me so very much and I’m very grateful. Kind Regards, Kerry

    • As my answer may be fairly long please see the separate blog post, the reply may help others.

      • Kerry Dobson said:

        Thank you so much for your very detailed reply. I was completely baffled as to why I couldn’t find the extra shapes but not to worry, I’ll certainly be downloading some of the built in shapes to see what I can make with them in SNC Canvas. Watching your videos on You Tube makes me wish I’d started crafting years ago, but as I didn’t, there’s no time to lose so I’m off to learn more from your tutorials. Just before I go, I’d like to say a very big thank you again for the response and all you do to assist new crafters like myself, you’re such a joy and inspiration to watch. By the way, the SNC dust cover looks so very classy too!!

      • Oh thank you, you are most welcome yes go off and play have fun that’s what it is all about, also don’t forget you can use google and look for free colouring book images and trace your own designs for personal use too so no restriction on the amount of designs you have or don’t have depending on the model of SNC if that makes sense.

      • I also would like to read the separate Blog post that you mentioned here to Kerry Dobson re the built in patterns, can you please post the link? many thanks

      • I’m on my iPad so not sure what I was referring too, sorry.

  11. Sharon said:

    I am trying to create in canvas a bendy card with two open paths. The program only allows one. You have created this with the anniversary bendy card.

    Do you know an easy way to get the two open paths for the top and bottom of the shadow part.

    Thanks in advance


    • I am not entirely sure what you mean but if you weld a basic shape top and bottom and them break the paths that way, you should find that you can do what you want.

      The paths are a bit strange in canvas if you try to break one apart and then a second the first joins back up.

      I have asked Brother if this can be changed at some point in the future they did say they would pass the request on but don’t know if it will ever get done.

      • Sharon said:

        Thankyou for your help…

        I made a mothers day card cut file….

        It turned out ok



  12. franjus said:


    what’s happen ? in ScanNcutcanvas ?

    since few days I cannot transform svg files in fcm files any more ?

    Have you this problem ?

    one of my friends have the same problem.

    so sorry for my very bad english

    I write you from France


  13. franjus said:

    Thank you very much for your quick response

    I wrote Canvas Europe.

    I await a response

    • Ok I hope you get sorted out soon, Internet Explorer doesn’t work well in Canvas so if it was that try another browser.

    • I don’t think its just your country, from what I remember some US models didn’t get the upgrade either. As for cost this machine is by far the most expensive of all the electronic cutting machines I’ve owned and I don’t know why that is. I did wonder if its because here in the UK we can only buy it through Create and Craft so they have to take their cut of any sale too, but that said I love this machine its so versatile.

  14. normakevin said:

    Love your videos but would like to know how I find scan n cut N INSPIRE group.

  15. Hi, I’m in need of help. I need to make a Whiskey Jug cut out card… by any chance does anyone know how to do that in sNc???

    Please help. I need a whiskey jug for a card exchange.

    Thank you.

  16. julia dobbs said:

    I watch all your videos regarding the scanNcut and you have been so helpful. At first I just cut out square or circles for matting because I thought it was so complicated. I have moved on a little since then, (I bought the machine `600` at its launch!). I’m now stuck with tattered lace data pen. I can cut the pattern as it is, but I want to make them bigger, which means I have to move the pattern in to the middle of the `mat` on the screen of the scanNcut, and I don’t seem to be able to group all the bits of the pattern. Help!

    • I don’t use those so not sure but you should be able to choose the 3 red box icon and then choose unify which is group then once grouped you can re size I’ve covered grouping in videos I’m sure.

  17. Lynda Beck said:

    Hi, just wondering if you will be making a video on the new update 1.8. Ive watched one lady on you tube showing how she does embossing but her camera work is not too good. Think she is on the scan n cut solutions type club. Anyway, hope you can do a video, yours are always very easy to follow and I have picked up loads of tips.Lynda.

  18. Yvonne McQueen-Thomson said: = Yvonne McQueen-Thomson .. I can see the blog – unable to follow … I go a virus a few months ago & I lost a lot of links

  19. Della Bourne said:

    Hello, I was wondering if you have a video for making half cut cards? As I’m trying to make table seating for each person at my Son’ wedding using the Eifel Tower which I need to stand up? Any ideas please would be appreciated, thanks in advance.. Della

    • Hi yes I am sure I did a Christmas table setting using SNC Canvas, if you look on my YouTube channel in the Canvas playlist, or type table place setting into my blog search box it may come up.

  20. Sophie Murray said:

    I’m thinking about buying a Scan n Cut, as I make cards, with scraps of tweed, and I’d like to design my own shapes. I’d hate to buy the 300 and thenregeret not spending more and getting more modern 900. Your You Tube and blog are fabulous, I really appreciate your time and easy to follow instructions. I’ve not got a computer, just an iPad, can I get Canvas and updates on that? Thanks so much Sophie

    • Hi

      SNC Canvas is an online based software, that you can use on a desktop computer or iPad. I have to admit I don’t like it on the iPad but I know some people do use it that way.

  21. Helen Rose said:

    Hi Ashley, I have had my Scanncut for four years in April. Thank you very much for all your help. I have been playing about with the type converter and have managed to download and install some new fonts. I was trying to use font–Respective as you have used beautifully on the Water Bottle. Unfortunately I cannot seem to have much success with making a cut file as whatever I try I cannot get it to weld properly. I have tried different combinations of subtract and remove overlap. Do I need to use the Path tool? Iget error ErrS07 Love Helen

    • Ive just tried it and it works fine, but if you have letters that have holes in them you will probably have to select each letter individually and do Edit>subtract to punch out the holes, once you have done that on all the letters it will weld together.

      I did explain in this video

      • Helen Rose said:

        Thank you ,I will keep trying as I would like to be able to work with the different fonts.

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