Janome Memorycraft 9900 Part 3

In this video I show how easy and quick it is to change this machine from ordinary sewing into an embroidery machine.

The project I embroidered is this. I wanted a mat to go under my SNC machine on my desk so I used an inbuilt quilt pattern and made this, it will be a project on my channel soon.


The video is Here


Decorated Draws

Ive had this little set of “Moppe’ draws from Ikea for years, and in my recent craft room change around I was going to get rid of them, because I didnt really use them.

Anyway I remembered that I had seen some on Pinterest a while ago that had been decorated, so I decided to have a go.

I had painted them antique white when I first got them so I have given them a fresh coat of Pure White eggshell paint and added some scrapbook paper to the fronts using Mod Podge.

The strips look crooked, there not it just how the draws sit on the shelf.

Here is the before.








Here is the after.

Inkscape Knockout Text

This was a request from someone on Youtube, it can be done in Canvas but its not as easy, so I thought I would show you how to do it in Inkscape.

This is the Knockout effect its popular for using with vinyl for home decor and clothing projects.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is. In this example you would use black and green vinyl and the green would inlay inside the black letter so it would only be 1 layer of vinyl, not green letters stacked on top of black I hope that makes sense.

This is the project I created.











The video is Here






Fabric Earbud Holder

This is a quick easy project using just a few scraps of fabric I hope you like it.

The video is Here



Heres an alternative method from Lynn one of my subscribers (Thank you)

Cut 4 circles all the same size.. placing two of them wrong sides together.

Fold two of them in half to use as the half circles… zipper goes in the two that are folded in half (half circles like you cut).

Attach zipper to half circles.

Place half circles with zipper wrong side down (open the zipper) on top of the other two circles and sew around outer edge to join them together

Turn right side out through opened zip.

Craft Room Update

So over the last year I have been donating or selling craft supplies I haven’t used, I don’t see the need anymore to keep stuff “just incase I need it one day”

This was my last move around, when I paired down not only supplies but furniture too in 2016.


Recently I decided the big desk would be better in my office, it’s slightly higher than standard because I have an extra oak top over the original desk and I sometimes find it uncomfortable when filming videos. So I used the opportunity to rearrange the furniture again.

The white desk came from my office the small wooden draws on the floor under desk on the left won’t stay.

Ive bought a 12×48 inch peg board to sit against the wall ontop of the desk and I have hung a few bits and bobs to add a bit of colour.

The vinyl was stored in the Alex 6 draw unit, but I took it out to free up extra draw space, I don’t use a lot of vinyl so I my put this stand on the floor next to the 4×4 unit but I am working on a couple of vinyl projects at the moment so that’s why it’s on my desk.

The set of three draws on the right have everyday supplies, like SNC accessories, adhesive etc.

The set of six draws have my SNC mats, SNC kits extra adhesive, embroidery threads and various embroidery backings etc, and my Janome MC9900 sits on top.

I just need a new white more comfortable chair and I think I will be happy crafting in my rearranged space.

My Juki MO1000 serger is in a different part of the room. It feels more organised and in all the years I’ve lived in this house my desk has never been in this position, so I will see how I get on with the change around.

It took me 5 hours the other night to do this move, but I think it was worth it, I think its good to have a move around from time to time do you?

This is the wall the desk was on.



This is the wall that the 4×4 unit was on.

This is the oak top desk now in my office.