Would You Like To Learn ScanNCut Canvas Workspace Live With Me?

Hi everyone, as we are now in lockdown in the UK as with many other places around the world I am trying to think of ways we can stay connected through these uncertain times and try to take our minds off or get a little relief from this horrible situation we all find ourselves in.

Some of you will know Ive been doing a Sunday night youtube live at 5pm UK time where I’ve been making an actual project and showing you how I cut and assemble it.

In addition I am thinking about trying to do a midweek youtube live but where I share my computer screen with you all, this way I should be able to show you live how to do tasks in ScanNCut Canvas Workspace either the Online or Computer version. (The version I use may depend on what you want to learn)

If I can work this out and make it happen could you leave me your comments here on what you would like to learn how to do.

The sessions will be recorded so if you cannot make them for whatever reason, you will be able to watch the reply on Youtube at a later date.

What do you think?

34 thoughts on “Would You Like To Learn ScanNCut Canvas Workspace Live With Me?

  1. hi Ashley, i would be interested in any canvas tutorials, i use it a little but know i should use it more, just don’t have the time lol, even now, working in pharmacy so no lockdown for me. thanks for all your info you share

  2. I’m OK with Canvas desktop except layers, although I do get by. I will still watch as I find your lessons very relaxing, you are so neat and organised (except when you had all those flowers cut and had to work out where they all went, you were cool but I was in a blind panic for you, ha ha). Thanks for your time and stay safe x

    1. Hi thank you, yes that was funny i should have either printed off the PDF or watched the assembly video again before i went live, but i figured most people wouldnt do either too so i was doing just as we craft. lol

      I already have a video redorded showing how to name and hide layers which is schedule for my YT channel in a few weeks, but i can definitely show how to do it in a live too.

  3. Hi Ashley, would be great to have my little canvas problems sorted. First is sometimes I am not able to either weld, subtract etc because saying outside lines? Also when I have downloaded some svgs when I group to resize then try and ungroup the ungroup box is not lit up. Thanks Lynda.

  4. Hi, thank you for all that you do in sharing all your lovely tutorials. I understand that you don’t have the foiling kit, but I too would love to know how to foil on certain parts of an image. I know that the charisma files on cutting craftorium usb‘a allow you to add foil highlights and I have been trying those. Thank you again and stay safe. X

  5. I am so wanting to learn to cut rhinestone templates. I have not found a single video that makes sense.

    1. I have a couple of videos on my channel about cutting rhinestone designs but its something i can try and cover again in a video. Is it how to create the cuttig file, or is it the actual application onto something you want to know about. thank you

  6. I’m not great with technology and would appreciate any guidance on Canvas. Thanks for being there! X

  7. I have the stamping kit and not sure how it works a bit wary as I don’t want to waste the cutting medium also how to make rhinestone designs and where to buy replacement stones Thank you for all your videos that you do

  8. Firstly, thanks for all your scan n cut videos, they have helped me no end and I am reasonably proficient now. When I first got my machine and tried to use canvas I couldn’t get anything to work out right and had a lot of wasted hours and card until I found you. However when editing nodes things often still go a little haywire so I could do with more info on that please.

      1. i can use the shapes in workspace ,but i want to do more with them,like making my own designs

  9. I would love to learn how to use my ScanNCut better. I’ve had it for about three years, so it is not the newest version by far. Any help would be greatly appreciated and having something to take my mind off the ever increasing bad news would also be great!

    1. Hi thank you have you been watching the Sunday night live YouTube videos I have been making a project every week they may help you and mainly I have been making cutting files that are free in canvas workspace I have a playlist on my channel called live and they are all in there

  10. love the live idea, would like to see a demo of all the different functions /buttons on the Scan n Cut, back to basics. thanks

  11. another idea, the difference between Canvas Workspace online and desktop and what advance is it to download desktop version.

  12. It’s always good to watch how someone else does something, no matter how familiar you are with the software there is always something else to learn. I can try and be home from work in time 🙂

  13. Hi Ashley
    Would love to know more about Canvas and what the difference is between the 2. I steer away from Canvas totally as not a tchy person at all, anything you cane show me I would be very grateful for in layman terms too. xx

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