ScanNCut How To Set Blade Depth & Cut Pressure – Test Cutting

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From talking to people at the NEC recently where I had the pleaseure of working with the Makers team who were launching the new ScanNCut Disney SDX 2200 with the auto blade technology.

Several lovely crafters told me they didnt use their old SNC machines because they were scared of cutting through the mat or just didnt know where to begin and were worried about wasting card.

Well let me say right from the start you have to be prepared to have some trial and error, with any electronic cutting machine. If you invest the time to learn how your machine works and its capabilities you will reap rewards in the long run.

In todays video I am going back to basics and will show you some tips on how to get started, with setting your blade depth and cut pressure for your chosen media so that you can make your first cuts.

It really is simple and once you understand the principles you will be able to apply them to all types of card and paper.

I hope you enjoy the video and that it helps. Please give the video I Thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe!

How To Set Your Blade Depth & Cut Pressure

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4 thoughts on “ScanNCut How To Set Blade Depth & Cut Pressure – Test Cutting

  1. One thing about cutting through mats: I’ve had a ScanNCut since it first came out. Early on, I did cut through a few mats. Once cut through, I found that covering the cut on the back side of the mat with packing tape (the clear stuff that comes on big rolls) was a good enough repair to allow me to get quite a bit more use out of it.

    1. Yes one of mine from years ago has brown packing tape on it, and I used it for ears like that. So they are not necessarily ruined if you do cut through them

  2. Thank you Ashley. So very useful.As always very well explained. I have cut through two mats!!! But they are stll in use! Jan.

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