ScanNCut Canvas 3D Flowers

I had seen these types of 3D flowers some time ago when Stampin Up brought out their Botanical Builder dies, My recent “border” video was inspired by the same family of dies.

There have been discussions in my Facebook group about how to recreate similar designs using the ScanNCut so here is my video showing how I made mine using some of the inbuilt flower designs from the SNC machine.


I show you how to create the same type of design using the inbuilt SNC designs and how to take a shape from the internet and make it into a cuttable file.

The video is Here

6 thoughts on “ScanNCut Canvas 3D Flowers

  1. Hi
    Just recently bought a cm300 SNC – love it!
    It’s thanks to you and your videos that have helped me master the machine and make certain projects in canvas!!!
    Thank you for making these videos, they are a joy to follow!

    Keep up the great work, much appreciated!!!


    Jane Stanley

    P.S. you mention about messages from people on your Facebook page, could I follow you on there please to keep an update for your wonderful craft ideas?

  2. Thank you for the tips of how to put designs together and create exactly what I’m looking for! Do you share your cut files? I’m preparing for a baby/bridal combo shower for many at work with life changes and would love to make some flowers like these to be gift card holders!

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