ScanNCut Canvas – Subtract & Divide

Someone asked me what is the difference between the Subtract and the Divide functions in SNC Canvas and as Ive been so busy lately I didn’t really have time to reply.

Today while I had a bit of a break in-between cleaning I decided to make this quick video. I hope it helps, I would also suggest having a look on my Youtube channel and choose the SNC Canvas playlist, you should find other videos in there where I also use these functions in more depth.










Todays video is Here

How to sew a fabric notebook cover

In this video I show you how you can make a fabric notebook cover for any size book.

This is a simple project that doesn’t use much fabric and I think they would make great gifts.

I decorated the blue one using a rhinestone design I cut using the ScanNCut, but they look just as nice made with pattern fabric, or you could use scraps and make a patchwork design and then cut your patchwork fabric to the size you require for your book.

These are mine.

fabric_notebook1 fabric_notebook2



























You can find the video Here

Converting SNC Canvas PES Appliqué/Embroidery Files

Hi, Brother have given us 4 new embroidery/appliqué projects in SNC Canvas, the embroidery files are in PES file format which is the generic Brother file type, but you can convert them to any embroidery machine format that works for you.

In this video I show you how I convert the PES embroidery files in the SNC Canvas projects, to my embroidery file format of Janome JEF.

I use Embrilliance Essentials and you can convert to many different file formats, but if you use another embroidery software programme you should be able to do the same thing.


The video is Here

Just saying Hi

It’s been a very busy six and a half weeks for me, I’ve been busy with work and running all over the place taking my daughter to golf matches and competitions, it’s  been great but exhausting at times.

We are nearly back to normality, as she is back in schools from tomorrow, so I am hoping to be able to get back into some kind of routine.

I have some videos planned, so hopefully  I will be able to start recording either later this week or early next week.

I have also hit 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel which is amazing, so thank you everyone for your support.
I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here and I will hopefully have some new projects coming soon.

ScanNCut Fill Feature

Brother gave us a fill feature in the recent machine update, this morning I thought I would have a quick look at it.

There is a solid fill and four other patterns but within this update there is also the ability to adjust the direction and degree of pattern.

The example below shows the fill options using the factory machine settings. The fills can be used on shapes and text.


SNC Machine Update Sept 2016

So Brother released an update for the SNC machine recently and Ive had a few people asking me if I have done a video about it.

I have managed to find the time to do the update but Ive had no time to look at it or even make a video.

I will try and find time but I just don’t know when at the moment, but to help out temporarily these are the release notes.


Using Card Blank Layouts

Do you ever need to make cards but just have no idea where to start?

I had to make some cards recently but couldn’t come up with any concrete ideas, I don’t know if I had too many ideas in my head which were confusing me but I found myself struggling to make something.

So I thought back to when I started scrapbooking many years ago and how I struggled then and remembered that blank layouts helped me, so I searched Pinterest and found card blank layouts.

In this video I show you the thought process and the cards I made using the template ideas I found on Pinterest and I hope this may help you too.

The cards I made are here


The video is Here