Font converter, dingbats and rhinestones!

Ok so I am getting into the Christmas spirit and having fun playing with the new font converter from Brother for the ScanNCut, Ive had this dingbat font on my computer for ages but its available Here

Using just a few random letters I typed into the converter to make a SNC cutting file, I then made the shapes into rhinestone patterns in SNC Canvas, so for anyone with the rhinestone kit activated have a play.

How about putting these on cards or even T shirts for Christmas?


See previous videos for using the font converter app in the “ScanNCut Canvas Playlist” on my youtube channel

Scrapbook Layout using font converter app

I made this video over the weekend and forgot to make it live!

In this video I show you how to make a quick and simple scrapbook layout using a font on my computer which Ive made into a cutting file using the new Brother ScanNCut Canvas font converter app.

Can I just remind you all that you only need to do the “subtract” function Ive shown in all the recent “font converter app” videos if you intend to weld the text, this is because once made into a cutting file via the app converter they are a cutting file and not a font.

The fonts that are in SNC Canvas as standard do not have to have this action done to them, they are fonts not cutting files. I know some people are getting confused.


The video is Here

Creating Rhinestone Designs with Font Converter

In todays video I show you how to make a rhinestone design using any font on your computer and the new Brother font converter app.

You will have to have the rhinestone feature activated in SNC Canvas to follow this tutorial, you get an activation code once you buy the rhinestone kit.

Once you have made your rhinestone deign you can manipulate and adjust individual stones if necessary, this video is just showing you the basic process of making a rhinestone pattern from any font on your computer using the new font converter app from Brother.

Hope it helps.







The video is Here

Testing Fonts

Ive just been having a little play with the font converter again I typed 4 random fonts and saved the files.

The first two are typed in “Always Forever”

The third is “Scriptina”

The forth is “Grandmas Garden”

You can see because of the style of font they vary in size despite being typed at the same size of 36.

I made them this size thinking that if I was using these on a card as a greeting I probably wouldn’t want too big.

Ive used the basic blue pen from the original pen set as I don’t have the universal pen tool and Ive drawn them on basic copy paper.

The first two would be perfect as handwriting fonts as they are completely filled in.

Scriptina and Grandmas garden have gaps in the middle of the strokes, thats not a fault its the style of the font.

I copied them and applied the basic fill from within the settings of the SNC machine and got the machine to redraw them.

You should be able to see that using the fill option on all the default settings has closed up the gap.

I would experiment with fonts on your machine by making files as Ive shown in my recent videos and then getting your SNC to draw them with and without fill options and see what results you get. Have fun!



ScanNCut Canvas Font Converter

Brother have given us a link in SNC Canvas to a font converter app.

In this video I show you where to find it and how to install it, I use a Mac but the steps should be similar for a windows computer.

This little app lets you create text using the fonts installed on your computer, once you have your basic text and save it, it saves as a SNC cutting file.

These are not fonts that you can install in canvas, this is just a way of letting you make cutting files from the fonts on your computer with your ScanNCut.

I don’t know if there is a bug in the font converter but I explain it all in the video.

I hope you find the video helpful, as there is a little knack to making the text work, especially if you want to weld letters together.

The video is Here

ScanNCut Canvas New Pattern Collections

Yesterday Brother added a new design tab into SNC Canvas which appears to be pre designed shaped cards and embellishments, it looks as though these designs will be available for purchase at some point in the future.

I know not everyone could see this tab yesterday from the discussions I read so in this video I thought I would give you a quick look at what will be available for the people who cannot see this additional tab at the moment.

To be perfectly honest I don’t think there is anything here at the moment that you cannot make yourself using the many techniques Ive shown you all in my video tutorials on my Youtube channel.

However, I can see that the designs may be helpful if you need a quick project or you are an absolute beginner to electronic die cutting with the SNC.

Here are a couple of screen shots of Pattern designs 1 & 2

I had to make them small to be able to get them all in one shot for you, but you will see them better in my video.



The video is Here


Diamond Gatefold Card

As I said in my video This type of shaped card popped up in a “recommended” video for me on Youtube. I cannot find it now but I think it was done for Splitcoast stampers and was made using a metal die.

I knew that we could recreate the shape easily using ScanNCut Canvas, so I thought I would show you how.

You can make it any size you choose and use any shape it doesn’t have to be a square/diamond.

Hope you like it.

This was the card I cut from the video but I didn’t cut the mating layers.










The video is Here

ScanNCut 2016 Christmas Card

So today I decided I had to make some time to design my 2016 Christmas card, at one time Hannah and I made all our cards every year in the October school holiday, but Ive been so busy this year that just didn’t happen.

I am cheating a little this year and only sending a handmade card to my closest family, friends and neighbours with have to have a shop bought one.

So I wanted something simple and I saw this idea on Pinterest, the snowflake is an design in the holiday section of the SNC machine, I reduced its size to 1.25 inches in height.

The white base card is Stampin Up Thick whisper white which I cut in half lengthwise using my dreamkuts machine, love that for precision cutting.

The white mating layer is again SU thick whisper white cut at 5.5/8 x 3.7/8.

Ive rounded the bottom corners of the base card and the mat layer.

The greeting is from SU Lots of joy and stamped in Memento black ink and Ive added pearls to the centres of each snowflake.

I think its turned out ok, what do you think.










This is my assembly line for the rest of them, I just need time to finish them off now but at least Ive made a start!