Future Projects

So I thought I would let you see a few projects that will be coming to my YouTube channel over the next few weeks.

All recorded and scheduled, so I hope you will like them.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure that you have the bell notification icon turned on, that way you should get an email when the videos go live.

ScanNCut Problem Day

This morning started off so promising, I sorted out some things I needed to do at home and planned to do a Youtube live stream on cutting fabric.

I had all my supplies ready and went live but I had to abandon the tutorial which I am really sorry about. If you were there you will have seen that the machine acepted my scan mat but just would let me load any of my cutting mats.

After I went off air I used a torch to look inside my machine and everything looked clean and free from any debris.

I wiped the scanner window with a piece of kitchen roll and used a sharp pokey tool to scrape lightly under the rollers.

I loaded my mat and it worked, I tried several times with both mats that had previously failed to load and it loaded every time!

By the time I had this all sorted I had other things to do, I will try and do the fabric cutting live stream later this week.

I will keep an eye on things with my loading problem and see how I get on over the next few weeks, hopefully all will be ok. Ive never had any problems like this since owning a SNC and thats over 3yrs now, I have to say it was a disappointment to me but as I said I will see how things go with it.

Tonight I decided I needed to have a little play just for my sanity more than anything else and have made this card just using basic pattern shapes that are pre loaded on my machine.

Hope you like it.

ScanNCut Canvas Stash Buster Project 1

This is such a quick and easy card to make, and it uses minimal supplies of paper and card, so is a great stash buster.

It was made using a basic shape that is in Canvas and on the SNC machine.

You could make sets of these with envelopes and sell them at craft fairs or give as gifts to friends and family.

In another video I will show you how I used the SNC machine to write my greeting and fill it in so it looks like it has been hand stamped.

The video is Here

ScanNCut Cutting Files for Sale

If you have followed my blog and Youtube channel for some time you will know I post video tutorials on how to design and make many types of projects, using your SNC machine.

I was asked last year if I sell the cutting file projects I show you how to make and my reply was “no”.

More recently Ive been asked again, so as well as the free cutting files Ive always offered on my blog, Ive decided to add a page for selling a small amount of digital download ScanNCut cutting files.

The most popular designs seem to be the number/alphabet shaped cards, I think because they are such a personal choice for a greeting card.

The word cards also seem to be popular too.

So for anyone new to the ScanNCut or anyone who just doesn’t have the time to follow my video tutorials on how to make these types of card I am now offering for sale some cutting files that you can buy and download and use.

The video Here explains all about them.

These are digital download FCM ScanNCut cutting files only, they are not actual paper templates.

Please only purchase them if you have a ScanNCut machine.

They do not open on your computer, you will need a machine or Canvas to open, manipulate and or cut them.



Spirol Text

Hi someone asked how to write text in the shape of a spirol, so I said I would show you when I had time. As you know Ive not been mobile recently with my bad back but happy to say I am starting to feel better now after two weeks of pain.

This technique was done using Inkscape and there are direct links to Inkscape for both Mac and PC at the bottom of this page.

This is what I made.

And the video is Here