ScanNCut Fill Feature

Brother gave us a fill feature in the recent machine update, this morning I thought I would have a quick look at it.

There is a solid fill and four other patterns but within this update there is also the ability to adjust the direction and degree of pattern.

The example below shows the fill options using the factory machine settings. The fills can be used on shapes and text.


SNC Machine Update Sept 2016

So Brother released an update for the SNC machine recently and Ive had a few people asking me if I have done a video about it.

I have managed to find the time to do the update but Ive had no time to look at it or even make a video.

I will try and find time but I just don’t know when at the moment, but to help out temporarily these are the release notes.


Using Card Blank Layouts

Do you ever need to make cards but just have no idea where to start?

I had to make some cards recently but couldn’t come up with any concrete ideas, I don’t know if I had too many ideas in my head which were confusing me but I found myself struggling to make something.

So I thought back to when I started scrapbooking many years ago and how I struggled then and remembered that blank layouts helped me, so I searched Pinterest and found card blank layouts.

In this video I show you the thought process and the cards I made using the template ideas I found on Pinterest and I hope this may help you too.

The cards I made are here


The video is Here

Still Decluttering

So after reorganising my craft room last week, yesterday I turned my attentions to my home office.

I had this big IKEA corner desk which is now dismantled ready for selling.

I also had this big cork board on the wall.

I’ve reorganised, this white short IKEA unit used to be on the left hand wall as I walked in and the three oak tall units all stood next to each other centrally on is wall.

I moved them around which I think looks better and given me a lot more space when I walk in.

I gave the cork board a couple of quick coats of white chalk paint and covered the cork with this blue fabric.

I bought a new desk from IKEA which has a white high gloss top, and a small set of draws to go underneath.

It’s so much brighter and simplified looking now, I love it. I just need to think about changing the Roman blind now.

ScanNCut Canvas Split Number

I sore this idea on Pinterest and thought Ive never shown you how to split a number, I know I’ve done videos on splitting monograms and fonts and there is a link to those videos in the information box of this video on youtube.

So here is a quick tutorial, showing how you can use both the subtract and divide functions in SNC Canvas to split a number.











The video is Here

ScanNCut Canvas New Projects

ScanNCut Canvas has 5 new projects. The first one is a Monogrammed tote bag with the initials “AR” however, you can change these to anything you like. I will explain how to below.

1)Select the monogram tote project and choose the cutting file and it will open on your SNC Canvas page, Select the letter you want to change, in my example its the “A”









2)Whilst selected click on Edit from the menu.







3)A new box will open up. click on the letter T (third icon along)






4)In the next box that appears change the letter “A” I chose “h” select OK







5)It should now look like this on your Canvas page









From here you can now weld it and create offset matting layers if you wish.

I hope that helps.


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